Gemini Sound Post Setter Tool
US Patent #7,932,453
Gemini Sound Post Setter
Now you can reset sound posts quickly and easily!

The Gemini sound post setter tool is a dramatic improvement over the traditional sound post setter design. Rather than piercing the sound post with a sharp tip, our patented device holds the sound post securely against the saddle at the tip of the tool without causing any damage to the sound post. This makes it easy to insert the sound post through the f-hole and into proper position without the risk of the sound post becoming dislodged as could happen with a traditional sound post tool. In addition, the fixed geometry of the sound post and tool assembly allows you to precisely locate the sound post within the instrument. Finally, our unique release mechanism gently releases the tool from the sound post once it is in position.

This tool greatly benefits stringed instrument teachers because it allows them to quickly reset sound posts in student instruments, instead of sending them out for repair. This minimizes cost while maximizing practice time for the student.

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Violin/Viola Sound Post Setter Tool$75.00 USD

Cello Sound Post Setter Tool$115.00 USD

Bass Sound Post Setter Tool $145.00 USD


International Violin
Metropolitan Music

I was initially reluctant to challenge the tradition of the tried-and-true sound post setter, because violin makers enjoy prowess with the tool unique to their trade, and wield near-magical power using the S-wand. The well-packaged Gemini Sound Post Setter, innovated by the Allred Corporation, is likely to save the sanity of uncountable string teachers who may struggle with the traditional tool.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Gemini eliminates the traditional stabbing of the post to gain purchase. It is a well made, quality tool that feels well balanced and substantial in the hand. A replaceable nylon string loops around the post and feeds through the post support and tool handle, the latter of which locks and releases loop tension via a thumbscrew cap. Resetting a sound post using this tool requires the usual patience and delicacy, but the design positively positions the initial post location and vertical alignment. Repairers who occasionally encounter instrument interior surfaces that are mis-contoured due to wear, table sinkage, or extremely peculiar arching, will find the Gemini useful. Although adjusting the post location is best accomplished using a traditional setter for tapping, the user of Gemini can easily re-install the post in a slightly different location. I recommend this tool not only for teachers who must occasionally upright a fallen sound post, but also for experienced repairers. It may well become a popular retail item at shop counters. One must admit that, indeed, it does work.

Michael Griffin
Violinmaker & Restorer


The Gemini Sound Post Setter is a simple, easy to use tool for replacing or resetting the sound post in a stringed musical instrument. Below is a step by step pictorial description showing the proper use of the tool.

Step 1
Check to see that both ends of the confiner line are threaded through the setter forming a loop around the sound post saddle. Loosen the thumb screw to allow the line to move freely.
Step 2
Position the sound post in the cradle and hold it in position.
Step 3
Pull the line to tighten the line around the sound post and tighten the thumb screw snugly to hold it in place.
Step 4
Hold the sound post setter vertically over the instrument with the sound post over the setting location and the tube of the setter over the f-hole. Loosen the sound post slightly and rotate the sound post in the setter so the angles on the top and bottom match the curvature of the top and back. Re-tighten the sound post. Note the position of the setter as this will be the position you will match when setting the post.
Step 5
With the sound post now securely in the setter, carefully insert the sound post and setter through the f-hole and work the sound post into position holding it vertical and gently pulling the sound post towards you until you feel it wedge into position.
Step 6
When the sound post is securely in position between the top and back, loosen the thumb screw and capture one free end of the line. Gently remove the sound post setter from the instrument. One line will pull free from the setter and release the sound post.
Step 7
To re-thread the confiner line, loosen the thumb screw 2-3 turns. Hold the tube in a slightly downward position and thread the free end of the line into the empty hole and push through the body of the sound post setting tool.

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