Gemini and Luthiers
Samuel Hart

ScullHart Violins
Samuel Hart has a degree in Automotive Engineering and a long career in Aerospace and Off Road Vehicles. He grew up working alongside his Father, a noted luthier and musician, in their workshop building banjos and other instruments. For more than a decade Samuel has been working on perfecting his unique Violins that apply cutting edge technology to create a beautiful, durable, and wonderful sounding instrument.

Samuel's "ScullHart Violins" combine carbon fiber with magnesium, aluminum, titanium, and 3d printed components. They contain no wood at all for unmatched durability and consistency. Samuel exclusively uses DragonPlate carbon fiber for its perfect visual properties and DragonPlate Machining Services offers unmatched convenience and quality.

James HamJames Ham

Cello Neck Brace
Gemini worked with James Ham to develop a carbon fiber neck brace for cellos. This specialized neck reinforcement provides high stiffness without adding a large amount of weight to this part of the cello.
Dave BertonciniDave Bertoncini

Carbon Fiber Guitar Internal Bracing
Dave Bertoncini worked closely with the engineers at Gemini to develop carbon fiber bracing for a custom-built guitar. For this project, low mass and high strength and stiffness were important design parameters, for which carbon fiber provided the best solution.
Michael GriffinMichael Griffin

Carbon Fiber Sound Posts
Another unique application of carbon fiber to musical applications was the design of a carbon fiber sound post for stringed musical instruments. Gemini worked with Michael Griffin, Assistant Principal of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and owner of Luthier’s Care, to develop sound posts with reduced mass and higher stiffness compared with conventional wooden sound posts. Mr. Griffin found that the carbon fiber material, "resulted in a bass tone that was noticeably clearer, punchier, and speedy in production." Mr. Griffin ascertained that, "the reduced mass of the CF sound post, compared to spruce, is responsible for allowing quicker sound post function of plate interaction, resulting in increased high frequency production. As a luthier and professional bassist, the CF sound post is an exciting alternative to traditional spruce."

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