Scott MacDonald installs the Carbon Fiber D-Tube Guitar Neck Stiffener

Scott MacDonald Installs the Carbon Fiber D-Tube Guitar Neck Stiffener

Scott MacDonald
S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments

"At S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments, my goal is simple; to provide the fullest level of service for all your guitar needs. Your guitars matter to me, because YOU matter to me. I help people create music, and that makes the world a better place. I take this very seriously, and it is part of who and what I am.

My custom guitars are made strictly by special order. Each is designed around the needs, spirit and personality of the customer. Design, function, balance, and tonal flavor come together to create an instrument that is an extension of the artist. I insist on getting to know as much about each customer and their music as I can before design and construction begins. In the end, an instrument as unique as its owner is born. By definition, "custom guitar" means a guitar that is designed and built exclusively for you, the artist. Many luthiers build their own designs, then find players to buy them. To me, as fine as that instrument may be, that is not a custom-built guitar, merely a handmade one.

My clients range from the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska), to Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Nova Scotia, Japan, and Korea among others."

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