Gemini Luthier Tools Innovative Carbon Fiber
Reinforcements and Luthier Tools
Gemini Musical is dedicated to providing professional luthiers with high quality tools and cutting edge carbon fiber reinforcements. Luthiers trust Gemini products to build stringed instruments of superior workmanship and incomparable sound quality.


Carbon Fiber Reinforcements
Carbon fiber strips serve many applications in the making of musical instruments, where its material properties of low mass and high stiffness make it an ideal choice. Carbon fiber reinforcements may be used with truss rods, in various configurations, for neck reinforcement in wood necks. Short strips can be used to strengthen the head stock joint. Carbon fiber strips may be used in guitar bracing, where it can be used in combination with balsa or spruce as a stiffening laminate. Strips may be used in lattice support bracing of the top plate to allow greater thinning for increased response. Carbon fiber reinforcements are the doorway for new generation instrument making!

Guitar Neck StiffenerFor those who are looking for the ultimate in guitar neck bracing, the patented Gemini Carbon Fiber D-Tube Neck Beam™ has been specifically designed to stabilize instrument necks due to its unique D-Tube structure. The Carbon Fiber D-Tube Neck Beam significantly increases both bending and torsional stiffness and weighs less than the removed wood! Builders also say that the D-Tube significantly improved the tone of their instrument.

Learn more about other builders experience installing the the D-Tube.

Gemini Luthier Tools
Gemini Luthier ToolsGemini Professional Luthier Tools represent the finest in craftsmanship and ingenuity. These tools are engineered to the meet the demanding needs of the professional luthier while maintaining a simplicity of use. Whether you are a seasoned instrument builder or a casual instrument owner, these tools will make your job easier.
Gemini and Luthiers
Gemini works with professional luthiers to develop technological improvements in stringed instrument creation and repair using cutting edge materials like carbon fiber.
Gemini Special Projects
Drawing from an engineering background, the people at Gemini have worked on many special projects related to the field of music and acoustic resonance.
Gemini Carving Duplicator
Carving Duplicator for
Violin/Cello Plates & Necks
The Gemini Carving Duplicator is an excellent tool for the professional luthier. It is a solid unit that accurately duplicates faceplates, backplates, and scroll work. Violin, viola, cello and other fine stringed instrument makers can benefit from the increase in overall production, not to mention the reduction in rough carving labor. Using the Gemini to rough-cut your instrument pieces will leave you more time to apply your hand to fine detail work on the instruments you build.

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